Success Stories

Max came into care in November 2019 when we were told that he was living outside in the freezing weather and was sleeping in a grid.  His owner could not longer look after him and he was "adopted" by a relative who did not want him in the house.  The new guardian had shaved his fur and whiskers as he was very matted, so he was practically bald all over. Once in care, he had to wear a coat to keep warm, even in a heated pen.  After lots of TLC he was adopted and now has a wonderful life and is very spoiled in his new home.  He is an elderly boy and set in his ways, but his new owners love him regardless.

Denise was found as a stray, walking the streets in winter. She was in a terrible state and her fur was all matted.  The vet had to shave her and she was kept nice and warm with a coat on in her pen.  Once she recovered, she was rehomed and now has a lovely life.  She too is spoilt, and is as happy as can be.  She is a very much loved member of the family. As you can see, she is now gorgeous!