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What a lovely letter

14 February 2018
What a lovely letter When two of our foster ladies did a home visit recently they were presented this lovely letter .....

My name is Corin; I am 11yrs old and live across the road at number 23. I attend Light Oaks Junior School and am House Captain for Pankhurst House. I do not have any pets so Nesta was my adopted pet. My mum & I always looked after Nesta when Julie & Steve were away and she knew to come to our house if she was in trouble. We always gave her food, water and made sure she was warm and safe. Nesta couldn’t Meow properly and did not like to be held but always wanted to be stroked, especially on the head and behind hers ears. Julie, Steve and I would prefer an older cat that likes to be stroked and maybe held. A boy or a girl cat is fine as I have thought of names for both. As with Nesta I will continue all the things I did for her with the new cat so that hopefully they will live a long and prosperous life, just as she did.