Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies

Figures from across Cats Protection's 31 adoption centres show currently nearly 10% of cats currently in care are 11 years of age or older. Our centre is no exception as we have several older cats looking for loving forever homes.

With advances in veterinary care and more protective and informed owners cats can expect to live way into their teens quite happily so taking an older cat doesnt mean you will have to say your goodbyes too soon. By opening your home to a lovely older cat you could have many, many years of love and fuss ahead for both of you.

These senior cats often come into our care because their owners have passed away or gone into care homes etc. This means they often come with lots of history and have been much loved pets. When looking at these cats for adoption we can give you lots of information about them and their personalities to ensure you find the perfect cat for you and your home.

Senior cats have often got over the excitement of youth and are much happier laze about in the house and enjoy the company and affection of their owners. Older cats also have much more common sense and can avoid getting themselves into troublesome situations.

Mature moggies are easy to introduce into their new homes and tend to walk in, find the sofa and settle down for a snooze! This makes the settling in process stress free for new adopters.

But the most important reason for adoptin an older cat is: it might be their last chance to have a forever home.

Please consider homing an older cat from our centre today. Adopt a cat today