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Purrfect Landlord Campaign

28 March 2019
Purrfect Landlord Campaign

 In the past 3 years here at Exeter Axhayes we have had in over 200 cats due to either current or new landlords not allowing pets in the property. This is a heartbreaking reason for cats to be brought into care as the owners have not chosen to give up their pets for any other reason than they simply cannot keep them. The cats are then having to come into care to be rehomed causing upset to them and a loss of their owners.

It is understable that some landlords do not wish to have pets in their rented properties but together we would like to encourage them to allow pets and inform them of the measures they could put in place to allow more owners to keep their pets. By doing this landlords open their homes to a wider audience of renters making it quicker and easier to land tenants.

Our advocacy team has put together many resources for both private and social landlord and tenants. Follow this link to our main webpage all about keeping cats in rented housing.

For private landlords the team have put together some contract suggestions for tenancy agreements, stories from other landlords who do allow pets and some useful links and phone numbers. https://www.cats.org.uk/private-landlords

For private tenants the team have put together some tips and advice on how to keep cats happy in rented homes which in turn should minimise issues that could occur and some advice on who to contact if sadly you do need to give up your cats. https://www.cats.org.uk/private-tenants

We also have some stories about social housing providers and tips for these providers when putting together pet tenancy agreements and tips for social housing tenants when keeping cats in their properties.

For more information about the work our advocacy team are doing please see visit our purrfect landlords campaign website. https://www.cats.org.uk/purrfectlandlords

Feel free to share your stories about keeping or allowing pets in your rented properties.