Summer Appeal


The last year has been difficult for us all as the world starts to open up again, were bracing ourselves for more tough times  many routine veterinary treatments had to be put on hold during lockdown, this means we are about to become exceptionally busy as we continue deal with the impact of lockdown.

We will see cats who are ill having missed vaccinations. We will see litters of tiny kittens whose young parents haven't been neutered. 

On a day to day basis we are taking in cats for many reasons. Chester came into care after his owner sadly passed away and has been in care for several weeks. His blood tests showed he needed treatment followed by an operation for hyperthyroidism. Operations like these cost the centre hundreds of pounds but once completed the cat can live healthily for many years. In our care at the moment we also have Thomas who suffers with asthma, has needed several tests and requires daily medication. Is it not a surprise he is taking slightly longer to rehome. Your contribution to our fundraiser can help us complete more operations for cats like Chester and improve the welfare of long stay cats like Thomas during their time in care.



Sadly, many people are struggling for financial, physical or mental health reasons due to the pandemic as a result we will see many cats whose owners will come to us heartbroken, because they can no longer care for their beloved cat. 

Cats Protection will always be here for the cats but now we need your help. Your summer gift could save a life: £10 could buy a comfy bed where a cat can recover, £30 could provide antibiotics and painkillers for a cat after surgery. Will you help the cats and kittens who come through our doors by supporting our appeal?
To support the cats in our care please follow the link below.