Cat Socialiser

Do you have a couple of hours a week to spend time with cats?

Here at the centre we require volunteers to help enrich the cats lives while in care this can be any thing from a quick play with a feather stick to an hour long grooming session. Spending time with cats is thought to help destress so where better to spend a few hours of your time relaxing amongst the hundreds of cats we can sometimes have here on site?

Cat Socialising volunteers can come in between the hours of 11am and 3pm daily to spend time with our cats ready for homing. Every cat is different and where some simply need you to chat to them to help them settle into their new scary environment others will be purring and drooling away with just the simplest of interactions. We always have mountains of brushes, toys and feather sticks for you to use while socialising so need to come equipped!

We are looking for individuals with:
1. Patience and perseverence
2. Compassion for cats
3. Basic knowledge of cats and their behaviours
4. Ability to be quiet, calm and confident around cats

We currently have no vacancies for this role but we do have cat care vacancies.