Photography Volunteers

Sorry, we have currently filled all our vacancies for this post. Keep any eye out for future openings.

Everyone loves a cute cat picture, and our photo and video volunteers help source, capture and share exciting photos of cats and other images relevant to everything Cats Protection does to help our feline friends. Their photos and images help raise awareness of our fantastic volunteer groups and teams which in turn helps raise funds, raises awareness adopting a Cats Protection cat, helps promote neutering and encourages people to learn more about feline welfare.
Please contact us at the centre if you wish to be involved in this volunteer role.

What can you expect to be doing?


  • Communicating with others to obtain photos and videos

  • Organising photos and videos provided by others

  • Capturing images of cats in care, cats we are helping, events and all things Cats Protection

  • Editing photos using own software

Please note: You must own your own camera and editing software for this role.

What are the benefits to you and the cats?


You will develop new skills, expand your knowledge and make a significant contribution to improving the lives of cats and kittens by using your creativity to increase awareness of Cats Protection. You will also meet new people, make new friends and be part of a dedicated team of volunteers.
This role could be perfect for someone studying photography at any education level who wants more experience, practice and photos for their portfolios. Also qualified photographers also looking to expand their repetoire and just put their skills to good use!
A good picture of a cat in care will attract more customers into our centres and help us to home more cats.


We’re looking for someone with


  • Self-motivation

  • Photography skills, camera equipment and editing software

  • Experience of filming and editing promotional videos

  • IT skills and knowledge of social media

  • Good verbal and written communication skills 

  • Willingness to be part of a team


Time expectation

Our photo and video volunteers usually spend 2 to 3 hours per week in this role, which is flexible and can be shared by more than one volunteer if needed.

Additional information


At Cats Protection we believe our volunteers should be happy and confident in their roles. To make sure this is the case, we provide support and guidance both remotely from our National Cat Centre and face to face through our regional and local volunteer groups and teams. We also offer varied online and face to face training and have wide-ranging policies covering all aspects of volunteering. We hope the support we provide will ensure our volunteers have a great experience with Cats Protection.