PLEASE NOTE: Due to the kitten season, we are experiencing an extremely high number of requests at the moment to take in cats/kittens. We are currently running at capacity almost constantly with very few spaces available, and we will try our best to help non-urgent requests by placing you onto our waiting list or providing other assistance e.g. trying to locate an owner, providing neutering assistance, advice... Please see our contact page for the relevant information on how to get in touch. Please remember that we are a completely volunteer run branch, and we will try to help as much as possible during this difficult time.

The Cats Protection Ballymena Branch is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers working to help cats and kittens in need in our area of Northern Ireland. We do not have a physical location (we volunteer from our own homes) and we are not an adoption centre. 

Our branch is primarily a neutering branch, working to tackle overpopulation and unnecessary suffering of stray and feral cats in and around our area. We do this through the free charity service Trap Neuter Return (TNR), in which we prevent current populations from getting any larger - should you be in need of neutering assistance with an unowned cat, please contact us via

We will also be running events such as educational events and fundraising events, so keep an eye on our news or on our social media pages! (Fb:@ballymenacats)