Currently up for adoption

Thank you for your interest in adoption with Cats Protection Ballymena Branch! 

Below are the cats in our care currently up for adoption. 


Ham (8 weeks old) came into our care alongside his two brothers, Stinky Pete and Slinky, from a stray cat colony situation. They were well socialised by their carers and ourselves, so are very friendly boys. Ham is a chill, gentle and friendly little cat with a lazy play streak and the odd zoomie! He can be rehomed with children and/or other animals, and would be suitable to indoor only or safe low traffic outdoor access in the future once neutered. 

Sabrina (Beanie) (NOW RESERVED)

Beanie is a 10 week old, stunning little tortoiseshell lady. She is fiercely intelligent, playful and has a sweet side that's just waiting to burst out - but she's been through a lot, and has as a result become shy. She is looking for a quiet home who can love her and show her its ok to let her guard down and trust again, and who has some time to spend with her to bond. When she does finally let you in, she purrs up a storm and loves a good bum scratch! When happy, her little tongue has a habit of sticking out. She will bond closely to her humans given the time, love and understanding she needs. 

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