Important Safety Announcement

Due to a few situations of confusion that have come to our attention recently, we would like to make a very important announcement to ensure the safety of cats and ensure clarity.

Communication to and from our North Antrim and Glens Branch will take place via official channels - this will be an '' email, our phoneline/a call back after a message/phone number has been left with our phoneline, or our official Facebook/our separate lost and found Facebook page. If you are allowing one of our volunteers to temporarily or permanently take a cat/kitten, such as for rehoming or trap neuter return, you will receive contact from us at least once by one of these official channels to confirm.

You will NEVER be asked to transport a cat/kitten to an individual's home - relinquished cats coming into our care will be relinquished through a vet clinic with proper legal relinquishment paperwork, or in an emergency our volunteers will collect them (in which case it is very important to verify this is in fact a volunteer of ours, please see below).

Our volunteers can be verified in a few ways - our on the ground volunteers will almost always be in a Cats Protection marked vehicle and/or wearing Cats Protection uniform. A Cats Protection ID should be requested or confirmation from an official channel, if there is any doubt.

Cats Protection North Antrim and Glens in care cats will only be featured on our official website, Facebook and Instagram - our volunteers should NEVER privately advertise kittens for homing/sale elsewhere. 

Please contact branchteamleader@northantrimandglens. if you are in any doubt at all about anything - please, always verify the identity of any volunteer before working with them.