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#FixEmFebruary - FREE Neutering Campaign Ballymena & Randalstown Central

24 January 2022

Find out more about our BT42, BT43 & Randalstown Central FREE neutering campaign! 

We are very pleased to announce our first ever pet cat neutering campaign, for the BT42, BT43 & Randalstown Central areas! 🙌😺#FixEmFebruary
We are coming to that time of year again soon. This is a time where unwanted kittens are born, abandonments skyrocket, and both owners and rescues struggle to do the best they can for their cats. If something has been putting off neutering your pet cat, now is the time!
#FixEmFebruary will neuter & microchip your pet cat at no cost to yourself from 4 months of age (the age they can breed from and our recommended neutering age). Any donations you can afford to contribute are much appreciated, as any and all donations to this scheme will be funded back into this neutering campaign to help others!
So, if you are the owner of an intact (not neutered) cat, please take a look at our website events page at the link above for details on how to book, to stop this unwanted and often dangerous breeding. Please do this as soon as you can - as when all the allocated appointments are gone, they are gone!
A big thank you to our three participating vets for helping to make this possible: 😺
- The Mill Veterinary Clinic (Broughshane)
- Ballymena Pet Vet (Ballymena)
- Grove Veterinary Centre (Randalstown)
If you know of any cat owners in the eligible areas, please tag them and give this a like and a share - a neutered cat is a healthier, happier cat! 🥰
PLEASE NOTE: BT42 & BT43 pet owners should contact The Mill Veterinary Clinic or Ballymena Pet Vet. Grove Veterinary Centre will be servicing the Randalstown Central owners only.