30-09-2002 -- 02-02-2012

Toby came into our lives at the age of 13 weeks.

He grew to be a very large cat with lightening quick reactions when it came to touching him somewhere he didn’t like, and it could be quite an ordeal getting him into a basket for a visit to the vet, who also quickly learnt how much he would tolerate!   

Despite these off days, he was also a big softie.  One of his favourite things would be to lie at the bottom of the bed and the instant he knew I was awake he would come and lie across my shoulder so that I could just turn my arm enough to give him a good head scratch whilst his whiskers tickled my face.  

He was diagnosed with heart disease in January 2011 and given 4-6 months to live.  However he fought the disease as best he could and stayed with us for another year until the heart breaking decision to end his suffering.   

He was a huge cat with an unforgettable character, always making sure he was in the midst of anything we were doing, and his parting has left a hole in our hearts.

Kay & Richard Twine