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Lillies can Kill your cat!!

04 February 2017
Lillies can Kill your cat!!
Many of us buy lilies but not many people realise how dangerous they are to cats. Lilies are extremely toxic to cats and can kill, with all parts of the plant being potentially poisonous, including the leaves, pollen and flowers. Cats can be affected after eating parts of the plant or simply by brushing past the flower and then grooming the pollen from the fur. 
Signs of poisoning include continued vomiting, blindness, paralysis, renal failure and coma so if a cat exhibits any of these symptoms it is vital to get it to a vet as soon as possible as it will need urgent treatment.
If you're buying flowers, then please avoid lilies as they can kill cats if ingested. If you receive lilies then please keep them well away from your cats, and carefully remove any pollen by cutting this off the flowers and disposing of where the cats can't get to it.