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Micro-chip success story

04 February 2017

We were told of a stray kitten in Mortehoe which had been around for about a month, it was very skinny and very sad, the lovely Gent who reported it had started to feed it with bit of fish and chicken not himself a cat owner. The kitten then slowly started to come into the house and cuddle up on a chair, as are only able to take a cat in when we have a space, he continued to feed it until one of our Fosterers contacted him to say we were able to collect it.
It was arranged for Sunday afternoon, we collected the kitten and he was sad to say goodbye but was unable to keep the kitten himself. We then called into Market Vets in Barnstaple (they are open on Sunday) they checked and found a microchip, checked the web site and found the owners name and phone number. The kittten was only 6 months old, called Freya and had gone missing middle of October from Ilfracombe! They don't drive so we agreed to take Freya round to them, Mr & Mrs Newton, of  Ilfracombe were so over the moon to get her back after so long, they said it was the best EVER Christmas present. They thought they would never see her again. 

So moral of story is there are good people around 'Gent in Mortehoe who took time to feed her' and microchips do work.