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Neutering Campaigns

07 February 2018

Neutering Campaigns

Cats Protection actively promotes neutering for all cats. All adult cats available for adoption are neutered and micro-chipped, if necessary, before they leave branch care and vouchers are provided for kittens once they are old enough – generally at about 4 months, although neutering can be done earlier.

Anybody who has a cat or a kitten may be eligible for help with the cost of neutering. Vouchers may be issued to owners in need of our financial assistance, including students, anyone in receipt of means-tested benefits, on a pension or receiving low wages.   It is expected that the owner will make some small financial contribution, depending on the type of voucher issued, the veterinary practice used or whether or not there is a specific neutering campaign in operation.

Any eligible owner using Market Vets in Barnstaple or South Molton can benefit from ‘Snip and Chip for £15.00’ – the cat is neutered (castration for a male, spay for a female) and has a microchip inserted. This means that if a cat does go missing, it can be traced and reunited with the owner – not always, unfortunately, but it does give some protection and peace of mind.

Neutering of farm and feral cats is offered at Market Vets and at Torbridge in South Molton.   For £5.00 the cat can be blood-tested for FIV and FeLV – if there is a positive result, the vet will recommend euthanasia (put the cat to sleep) as both conditions are incurable and highly contagious. Cats will receive a health check, treatment for parasites and then be returned to work as ‘skilled vermin control operatives’ after neutering. Their ears will be clipped to show that they have been neutered and stitches will dissolve naturally.

For the last two years we have worked with Argyll Vets, mainly in Ilfracombe, to provide ‘Snip and Chip’ for £10.00, with the neutering vouchers provided by Exeter Branch of Cats Protection and the chips by our branch.   The main focus is still on EX34, but eligible owners may be able to use other Argyll branches.

In addition, fixed value vouchers are available which will reduce the cost of neutering - £20.00 towards castration, £26.00 towards spaying.

If you want to ask about your eligibility for a voucher, please telephone 01271 860787 to talk to the Neutering Officer.