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Neutering Campaigns

07 February 2018

Neutering Campaigns Cats Protection actively promotes neutering for all cats. All adult cats available for adoption are neutered and micro-chipped, if necessary, before they leave branch care and vouchers are provided for kittens once they are old enough – generally at about 4 months, although neutering can be done earlier. Anybody who has a cat or a kitten may be eligible for help with the cost of neutering. Vouchers may be issued to owners in need of our financial assistance, including...

Micro-chip success story

04 February 2017

We were told of a stray kitten in Mortehoe which had been around for about a month, it was very skinny and very sad, the lovely Gent who reported it had started to feed it with bit of fish and chicken not himself a cat owner. The kitten then slowly started to come into the house and cuddle up on a chair, as are only able to take a cat in when we have a space, he continued to feed it until one of our Fosterers contacted him to say we were able to collect it. ...