Sell your unwanted items on Ebay

Sell Your unwanted items on Ebay and donate the proceeds to us

If you have things you no longer want, and are thinking of selling them on Ebay,
You can now choose to give a percentage of your final selling price to Cats Protection

  Its very simple to do

1. On your Ebay page click on the Sell tab
2. Click on "Sell for Charity"
3. Click in the Charities box on the right hand side of page
4. On the charity type drop down list select "environment & protection of animals"
5. In the "charity name or keyword" box type Cats Protection
6. Click on the search button
7. Find Barnstaple & District Cats Protection from the list below and click the view button
8. Click on the sell tab and list your item, choosing what percentage you would like to donate
9. Whilst on this page click on the blue "favorites" button to add us to your favorite charity list.

Ps.  Ebay will reimburse you the fees for the percentage you have donated,so if you donate 50% you will get a 50% reduction on your fees.