What happens if I want to adopt a cat?

Are you thinking of adopting one of our cats? Your first action (other than looking at the lovely cats on our website!) should be to email Ann, our Welfare Officer, at adoption@basingstoke.cats.org.uk .

Make sure you do this when you're able to take a cat straight away.  Your new friend will need some time to settle in with you and we don't reserve cats for more than a couple of days.  So if you're about to go on holiday in the next few weeks, best to delay your search until afterwards.

Ann will get back to you with some initial questions and then will arrange for one of our volunteers to make a home visit, an essential step in our adoption process.

You can find out more about the adoption process, including the home visit, by clicking here.

Once your home visit has been successfully completed, we'll help you to identify a cat that may be suitable and you'll get a chance to met him or her at their foster home before making your decision to adopt.  (We don't run an adoption centre, instead we have a network of volunteer fosterers who look after our cats whilst they're waiting to find homes.) With luck, you'll have found your next furry best friend!