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A successful first fair of the year!

13 March 2017
A successful first fair of the year!

A great result from our first fair of the year yesterday. We had an excellent day, lots of entries to Mr and Mrs Canning's Photographic Competition and lots of fundraising - in total we raised £698.13, all of which will go towards the costs of looking after the cats and kittens in our care. Thanks to all who came. to Mr and Mrs Canning for organising the competition and to all the volunteers who worked so hard.

Winners of the photo competition were:
Visitors choice
1st Mrs Allwood; Cat - Lily 
2nd Becky Pearce; Cat - Sapphire
3rd Jayne Fox; Cat - Oreo
4th Mrs Butler; Cat - Tilly

Expert’s Choice 
June Perry; Cat - Wolfie
A special prize was given to Chrissy Pearce and her cat Bailey for years of support.

See you in July at The Viables!!