BANOFFIReservedBedford & Biggleswade

Meet the lovely Banoffi. She is a stunning, tortie and white, long haired female. She is approx 12 years old.

Banoffi is a very loving girl, who loves being fussed, cuddled and groomed to keep her amazing fur in good condition.
We think she will be very much a lap cat when she has the chance and she can't wait to be back in a warm loving home for lots of cuddles on the sofa.
As far as we are aware Banoffi has never lived with any other cats or dogs before, so we feel she would prefer to be on her own again. This also means she will get all the attention! She would also prefer a home where there are no young children, ideally teenagers or older. We would consider an indoor only home for Banoffi or a home where she can go outside as we think she would be happy with either, as long as she is getting lots of fuss and attention.

Banoffi was a stray for at least a year so we have no background information on her. She has been neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. She has had routine blood tests to check everything is ok and this has shown she does have some some signs which indicate she may have a condition called triaditis, which causes inflammation to the bowel, liver and pancreas. The bad news is that triaditis cannot be cured, but the good news is that it can be controlled. With the right combination of food, medications and regular checkups, Banoffi could still lead a comfortable & happy life. The condition is currently being controlled with diet alone, she is on James Wellbeloved wet dry food and felix in jelly sachets, both of which are suiting her well and we would strongly recommend she continues on as a change in diet could upset her. As long as she remains well, the vet has advised all she will need is a yearly blood test to monitor how she is doing. Should she show signs of being unwell there is medication that the vet can prescribe to help, which could include steroids or antibiotics etc

Gender Female
Age 12
Breed Domestic long-hair
Colour Tortie & White
Can live with cats No
Can live with dogs No
Can live with a family Teenagers
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside No
Feral cat No

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