Indoor Cats

With more and more people living near busy roads having to move to flats we are getting more requests for indoor cats and kittens.

Although we do rehome to indoor situations, there are a few procedures and policies that we adhere to so that both the cats and potential adopters are happy! We do not generally rehome kittens to indoor homes if there is no illness or disability (such as FIV, deafness or blindness) involved that would make them suitable for indoor homes only.

If you have not come across FIV before please check out the following website fiv - feline immunodeficiency virus

We do rehome adult cats to indoor homes, either because of some disability or illness or just because they are much happier being house cats. We may get asked to rehome a cat that has spent part of its life as an indoor cat , but if there isn’t a reason not to rehome a cat so that it can go outside then we will try to find a home that allows them the opportunity. 

When looking at indoor situations, we tend to look at adult situations as children sometimes forget the importance of closing windows and doors at all times. If there are older children, we take each re-homing individually. Indoor cats tend to get a little less exercise than their outdoor counterparts so monitoring their weight is important 

It is also very important to create a stimulating environment for the cat so that they do not get bored. This can be as easy as hiding their food around the house so that they can “hunt” their food during the day, keeping their interest level up. Indoor cats rely on “you” for all their needs so if you are not prepared for this then indoor cats soon become very unhappy. It is also important for us to look at the entrances and exits into the property so that we can fully assess the potential for escape attempts! We therefore sometimes ask for extra precautions to be added to try to eliminate this issue We sometimes have adult cats that for one reason or another need to be kept indoors and often have cats with the FIV virus that can live long and happy lives, but need to be kept away from other non FIV cats.

For more information on creating a stimulating environment for an indoor cat please check out the following website indoor life - keeping your indoor cat happy

Please consider giving one of our indoor cats a loving home, they are all very special.

Former stray, Hardy, is looking for a place to lay his head