BESSBedford & Biggleswade

Meet beautiful Bess. Estimated to be around 10 years old, Bess has had a hard life living as a stray and is now looking for a home where she can spend her retirement in warmth.

Bess’s ideal home would be one with comfy chairs and windowsills she can lay on to watch the birds and to gather sun rays. Once Bess is confident with her owner, she will enjoy a fuss and plenty of dribbling will happen.

Whilst living as a stray Bess developed FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). Despite this she is very fit and healthy and could lead a long healthy life. However, she will need an indoor only home. Further information on FIV can be found on this link

Bess hasn't got many teeth left now, but she can still crunch her treats and she is also partial to licky lick treats.

Bess likes her peace and quiet and would be happiest in an adult-only home. She will be happiest as your only pet. She will also need an indoor only home.

Bess is neutered, microchipped and is fully vaccinated.

Bess is best starting in a safe, secure, quiet room. A room where she can have a separate area for food and water. For a litter tray placed as far away as possible from her food and water. For somewhere to hide, access to a high spot where she can view his surroundings, a suitable place to sleep or, ideally, a choice of them, a scratching post and a few cat toys and space for her to play. We recommend a Feliway diffuser in her room, as she will likely hide away for a few days when she goes to her new home.

Gender Female
Age 10
Breed Domestic long-hair
Colour Dark Tortoiseshell
Can live with cats No
Can live with dogs No
Can live with a family No
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat Yes
Access to Outside No
Feral cat No