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Featured Cat of the Week - Bella

11 November 2018
Featured Cat of the Week - Bella This week we are featuring the lovely Bella, a young Mum who is now looking for a home of her own.

Beautiful Bella is looking for a new home, she came into our care with her young kittens. They have found their new homes, and now it is Bella’s turn.

Bella is a lovely cat, she follows you around and loves to have a fuss, however she isn’t too keen at the moment on being picked up and cuddled. But we think this will come in time. After being mum for so long, she is now learning how to be a youngster again and is learning how to play.

Bella is also an explorer and likes to look into everything. She is very curious about everything. So anyone turning up with a handbag, be prepared for Bella to have her nose in it at some point!

Bella is a confident cat and can live with children 8 years or older. In her previous home she lived with dogs, so we feel she would be happy to do so again, so long as the dogs are cat-friendly. However, she isn’t too keen on other cats, so would prefer a home with no other cats.

Bella has been neutered, microchipped and is fully vaccinated. She just now needs a home to call her own.

Can you help Bella find her forever loving home, we would love to see her back in a warm home with her very own family.