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Looking good! Latest Simon's Cat video focuses on grooming

06 August 2016
Looking good! Latest Simon

The Simon’s Cat Logic series of videos features Creator Simon Tofield and Cat’s Protection Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow as they explain why cats do what they do.

The latest video entitled ‘Pawtrait’ focuses on cat’s grooming behaviour, accompanied by a Simon’s Cat animation featuring black cat Teddy. Teddy particularly loves to stalk through long grass, meaning he often has to get groomed afterwards!

As Nicky explains, "cats spend about 10% of their waking time grooming. They have a reputation for being fastidiously clean and they tend to clean themselves when they first wake up."

Although cat owners will be familiar with their cats constant grooming, many might not know that they groom in a particular order, as Nicky explains:

"If you’ve ever watched your cat, you may notice that they start with their head, so they will wash their paws to then wash their face and then will be systematically working through their body before finishing with their tail."

Does your cat like to groom? Let us know about your cat’s behaviour using the hashtag #SimonsCatLogic