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Fancy a catnap? Latest Simon's Cat video focuses on where cats like to sleep

19 June 2016
Fancy a catnap? Latest Simon

Does your cat have a favourite place to sleep? Whether your moggie is fond of settling itself on top of your clean laundry or likes to laze around in the airing cupboard, most owners will be familiar with their cat’s unusual sleeping spots.

In the latest of the Simon’s Cat Logic series of videos, titled ‘Catnap’, Creator Simon Tofield and Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow team up to examine their cat’s favourite sleeping places.

Cats sleep or rest intermittently throughout the day, for an average of about 16 hours – even more in kittens and elderly cats, so it’s no surprise they are endlessly trying to find somewhere for a catnap!

Simon’s cat particularly enjoys laying on the soft towels in the airing cupboard, while other cats will seek out anywhere with a bit of warmth. Nicky explains in the video why cats love laundry:

“All laundry provides a comfortable place for cats to sleep,” She says. “Some cats prefer dirty laundry, just because it smells familiar to them and it has the scent of the owner of them whereas other cats prefer clean laundry and this could because if it’s been freshly tumble dried it’s going to be nice and warm, so it’s a safe place to sleep.”

Those that don’t like to settle on the laundry pile will always find somewhere else for a snooze, as Nicky explains:

“Whether it’s a box, the laundry pile or even a suitcase, cats tend to rotate their sleeping place, which is a normal behaviour. We think this is a throwback to African Wildcat behaviour, where they want to regularly change their sleeping place to avoid a build-up of external parasites.”

If you want to learn more about cat behaviour, you can download our free leaflet on Understanding your cat's behaviour. In the meantime, check out the Simons's Cat Logic video below.