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Our Lovely Ali is Looking for a Very Special Home

31 May 2016
Our Lovely Ali is Looking for a Very Special Home We currently have a very special cat in our care called Ali, who is looking for a very special home and family to offer him a loving home, which he deserves so much.

Hello my name is Ali, I am a short-haired boy, white with tabby patches and estimated to be about 9 years old.
I came to Cats Protection after my owner sadly passed away and there was nobody to look after me and my sister. I didn’t really get on with my sister and got very upset and showed this by stopping using my litter tray. The kind people that took us in decided that we would be happier on our own so I went to live with different fosterers, and once all the smells of other cats had been removed I was much happier and I am now a very clean boy and use my litter tray all of the time.

I am looking for a nice quiet home where I am the only cat and where there are no dogs, so I feel safe and happy and all the attention will be for me!
My ideal home would be in a quiet area with a garden, where there hasn’t been a cat for a while so that I am not upset by the scents of other cats. I love human company so would like my new family to have lots of time to spend with me so I am not left alone for long periods of time.

When I went to the vets to be checked over they found that I have quite a serious heart condition. After the vets had run some tests my fosterers were told that I am ok at the moment but sadly there isn’t any treatment that would make me better, so I could become poorly they just don't know when. Not that you would know this looking at me, I feel fine and live like any other cat craving attention and demanding to be stroked and cuddled all of the time. I like to play with my toys and when I am in the mood I will sit on your lap. If I am not getting enough attention I will head-butt your hand until you give me a fuss.

I am really hoping there is someone out there who will offer me a home for the rest of my life, however long that may be, and make whatever time I have with them the best time ever!
When I am lucky enough to find a new family my fosterers will explain more about my heart condition and signs to look out for.

Please give our lovely Ali a chance to be happy and in a home of his forever home xx