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Special boy looking for a special home...

06 April 2022
Special boy looking for a special home... Felix came into Cats Protection as a stray and during routine checks he was found to be diabetic. Now he is stable he is looking for a loving home.

More about diabetes and what it means for Felix and his new owner.

Diabetes affects the control of blood sugar levels; this usually occurs because the pancreas is not producing enough insulin. Insulin helps move glucose from the blood into cells so if a cat like Felix doesn’t have enough, they are left with high circulating levels of glucose in the blood stream.

As an owner of a diabetic cat, you will need to inject Felix twice daily with insulin, it’s quite easy to do once you have been shown how and Felix tolerates his injections well. Regular check up with the vets will ensure Felix has the correct insulin dose. At home there are a few simple things that you can do to help Felix like closely monitoring how much he drinks and how much he urinates, as increases in either of these could mean his diabetes is less stable. We also advise that he has a special diabetic diet and remains on this for the rest of his life, feeding this diet and keeping Felix a normal body weight can really help to keep his diabetes stable. Changes in bodyweight are another way to monitor how stable Felix’s diabetes is.

For more information, please refer to our Veterinary Guide on Diabetes: vg03_diabetes.pdf (cats.org.uk)

If you think you can offer Felix a home; and to read more about him, follow this link to his bio https://www.cats.org.uk/bedford/adopt-a-cat?cid=329738