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Virtual Cat Show

14 April 2020
Virtual Cat Show

Our event has now ended, but we raised an amazing £500 to help cats and kittens in our area. Thnak you to everyone. You can see all the entrants, and winners, in the albulms on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bedfordcats/

With us all on lockdown we wanted to find a way to raise funds for the branch, but also something that would be fun and cheery for everyone. So we are pleased to announce our first ever Facebook



Message our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/bedfordcats/) with your photo(s), the classes you wish to enter and the name of your cat(s) 😻

£1 per photo, per class (except Best In Show)

Payment can be made via PayPal at paypal.me/bedfordcats, please quote your surname on the payment. Don't worry if you don't have PayPal, we can send you our bank details if needed.

Send us your entry/entries by Wednesday 6th May and winners will be announced on Saturday 9th May.


🐾 Best Male (1 year +) 💙

🐾 Best Female (1 year +) 💜

🐾 Best Whiskers 😽

🐾 Best/Funniest Pose 🕺💃

🐾 Best Veteran (8 years +) 💚

🐾 Best Junior (under 1 year) 💛

🐾 Best Rescue 😺

🐾 Best Sleeping Position 😴

🐾 Best Unique Markings 👀

🐾 Best Group 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

🐾 Best in Show - this is made up of the winners of the other classes


The winner of each class will receive a rosette, a certificate and a catnip kick toy for their cat

2nd and 3rd place in each class will receive a certificate

Best In Show will receive a rosette, a certificate and a catnip kick toy for their cat.


The judges decisions are final

There is a zero tolerance to aggressive or abusive behaviour, this will result in a ban

Photos will not be uploaded until payment has been received

Disclaimer: we are not professional pet show judges