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What sort of cat should you adopt?

26 May 2016
What sort of cat should you adopt? With thousands of cats abandoned every year, it is one of Cats Protection’s key aims to give them the new start they deserve.

For those looking to give one of our cats a forever home, you might be wondering what kind of cat to get. After all, adopting a new pet is a big commitment.

If you’re still pondering on what sort of cat might be right for you, you might want to try our new quiz. It is meant to be a bit of fun – but for over 5,000 cats in Cats Protection’s care, the wait for a new home and family is no joke.

We want to make sure the cat coming into your life is the right cat for you – your family, your lifestyle and the plans you have for the future. Cats, like people, have different characters and needs and while a kitten might be first choice for some, it is important not to pass up the opportunity of adopting an older cat or disabled cat.

Take our quiz to see what result you get, or click here to view the cats looking for homes right now on our website.