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4-week old kitten rescued from inside cavity wall

22 June 2017
4-week old kitten rescued from inside cavity wall

A distressed 4-week old kitten, trapped inside a cavity wall at a north Belfast bar, has been rescued just hours from death thanks to the collaborative effort of Cats Protection and Westland Fire Station.

The kitten’s pitiful mews were first heard by Patrick Gormley, Bar Supervisor at The Shamrock Sports and Social Club in the Ardoyne area of Belfast, on the morning of Friday 16th June. Quick thinking Patrick then contacted Cats Protection’s Belfast Adoption Centre who were thankfully able to send a member of staff immediately out to the scene to investigate. However, upon arrival the Cats Protection staff member was confronted with the extent of the predicament the kitten was in and decided to call upon the help of nearby Westland Fire Station.

The firefighters from Westland Fire Station were able to locate the kitten by the sound of its cries and removed a concrete block from the bottom of the wall to gain access. The tiny kitten was relieved to be rescued and had thankfully sustained only minor injuries. The kitten – now named ‘Macavity’, is currently in care of Cats Protection’s vets where it is being syringe fed and nursed back to full health.

Cats Protection Belfast Adoption Centre Manager Bel Livingstone commented “Fortunately Macavity is doing very well in the care of our vets but the outcome could very easily have been so different if it hadn’t been for the compassionate actions of Bar Supervisor Patrick”.

“Sadly abandoned kittens like Macavity are an all too familiar sight for us and we would urge owners to get their pet cats neutered as they are such prolific breeders. Just one unneutered cat can produce up to 18 offspring in a year so neutering will help to prevent more unwanted kittens like this in the future.”

Cats Protection currently operates a Northern Ireland-wide scheme that enables cats to be neutered for £5. This offer is open to owners who are receiving state benefits, are on a low income and who are students or pensioners and who live in Northern Ireland. More details can be found on Cats Protection’s website (www.cats.org.uk) or by contacting Cats Protection’s National Helpline on 03000 12 12 12.

To offer a homeless cat or kitten a home please contact Cats Protection’s Belfast Adoption Centre on 028 9048 0202 or belfast@cats.org.uk