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House a Mouser!

23 July 2017
House a Mouser! Are you looking for an environmentally friendly rodent control service for your stables, garden centre, factory, farm or small holding? Look no further – our working cats are just waiting to pounce on the right opportunity!

Cats Protection Northern Ireland works hard to ensure feral cats and colonies are neutered and have access to food and shelter, but sometimes these cats need to be relocated if they are in danger or a colony is too large.

Feral cats cannot be tamed, so they need a large outdoor area with shelter and the usual resources including food and water. Like all of our cats, our ‘workers’ have been neutered and health checked so you can adopt with confidence.  

In addition to keeping the rodent population at bay, their presence will prevent unknown feral cats occupying this space. If you think you can offer a new location for some feral cats, please contact the Belfast Adoption Centre on 028 9048 0202 or belfast@cats.org.uk with details.

Thank you!