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Older Cats

13 October 2019
Older Cats OLDER  CATS

Sometimes when people visit the Adoption Centre they are looking for a cute kitten or young cat.  They rarely see the advantages an older cat has to offer. Such cats are more settled - they will not destroy your furniture and climb your curtains (usually!) and can make excellent lap cats. They are usually more used to human company and are wise cats who want nothing more than to settle down in a nice warm room with you.

Here in Belfast we have 4 cats that are older and have been in the Adoption Centre for too long.  They are Tonic, Sasha, Tabitha and Millie. Pictured is Sasha. She is just over 10 years old and has spent 205 days at the Centre.....and counting. Sasha is a friendly cat and will tell you when she has had enough affection. She would love to sit beside you on the settee - if she only had the chance.  Could you give an older cat a chance?