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Remarkably reunited after 7 long months!

29 November 2017
Remarkably reunited after 7 long months! The Belfast Adoption Centre was delighted to be involved in a lovely reunion between Joan and her cat Paddy.

Paddy was found over 25 miles from his home! Thankfully, Paddy was microchipped, so it meant that Joan was easily traced through the microchip database.

Joan was delighted to receive the good news call and rushed down to the Belfast Adoption Centre to be reunited with Paddy on Tuesday 28th November 2017 - which happened to be 7 months, to the very day, that Paddy went missing!

Joan said "there wasn't a day that went by, where I didn't think about him." And now, they're happily back together. There's sure to be some serious snuggles over the next days and weeks!

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