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Tortie sisters land on all eight paws!

29 January 2022
Tortie sisters land on all eight paws!

The Belfast Adoption Centre was delighted to be able to recently help kittens Minnie & Sweetpea in their hour of need.

The tortie twosome were discovered sheltering under a hedge next to a busy road. The pair were hypothermic, emaciated, huddling together for warmth and suffering from ill effects of chronic cat flu when rescued.

The outlook for the sisters was touch and go initially, but thanks to the dedication and care from Cats Protection’s veterinary team, Cat Care Assistants and volunteers the kittens eventually turned a corner and grew from strength to strength.

Minnie & Sweetpea finally found their forever home with adopter Paula in Belfast and have settled in purrfectly to their new lifestyle. Paula had this to say about her new housemates:

“The girls have settled in so well, it’s just fantastic! They are an absolute joy and I can’t believe they’re here a week already. I think it’s safe to say they have well and truly taken over their new home and it’s just wonderful to see. They were definitely meant to be and I am so privileged to get them.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Paula for the wonderful update and wish them all continued health and happiness in their new lives together.