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It's dinnertime and thousands of hungry cats need your help now!

From the tiniest tummies, to the biggest appetites, twice a day, every day, it's dinnertime here at Cats Protection.

As a cat lover, you may be used to feeding one, two or perhaps even more cats at home but can you imagine what it takes to feed thousands of cats of every age, shape and size?

It takes an army of caring staff and volunteers, stacks of bowls and tonnes of cat food. It takes love, dedication and thousands of pounds. But most of all, feeding over 5,000 cats a day takes the generosity of big-hearted people like you. 

Take Erin for example, this poor little cat was in desperate need for extra food after surviving off scraps. She was just skin and bone and dangerously dehydrated. When we weighed her at our Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre, Erin was just 1.2kgs, and she 

was so haggard and frail we thought she was far older. In fact, Erin was less than a year old. 

Donations from our generous supporters meant we were able to start Erin on a diet of three meals a day. Her weight doubled within a month and, as Erin put on the pounds, she was transformed into a different cat. Full of energy and so sweet and adorable, it wasn't long before happy, healthy Erin found her forever home. 

It costs a minimum of £1,000 a day to feed all our cats and right now we have extra tummies to fill. We are currently at the height of kitten season, which means our centres and branches have more hungry mouths to feed than at any other time. That is why your support is so essential.

Our food bill is getting bigger by the day and that is why we are asking cat lovers all over the UK for their support. It costs us 18p to feed a cat for the day, so please give what you can today to make sure cats like Erin never go hungry.

Thank you for your support!

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