Black Cat Appreciation Day: Meet some of our beloved black cats

On 27th October every year, we celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day, recognising the beauty of all black cats. This year, we caught up with the staff and volunteers here at the Birmingham Adoption Centre to find out more about why they love black cats. We’re proud to say that our team didn’t disappoint and that quite a few of them have black cats and are passionate about celebrating how awesome they really are. 

Here’s what our team had to say:

Volunteer Kathleen has two black cats, Simba and Nala. "If I'm upset Simba comes up to me and licks me and headbutts me, almost as if she knows I'm upset and wants to comfort me! Nala, who we got from Cats Protection, makes the sweetest little chirping noise every time I greet her, it’s my favourite noise. I love black cats because they have a lot of personality and are beautiful. Their black coats really brings out their beautiful eye colour! Black cats are not superstitious and do not bring bad luck, if anything my cats have brought me years of happiness and love!"

Volunteer Karen has a long-haired black cat called Dolly. “I rescued Dolly when she was a kitten and was drawn to her big amber eyes and glossy long coat. She is a really fussy lapcat. She will sit on me every night without fail and purr until she dribbles and will poke her paws in my face when she thinks she isn’t getting enough attention. Black cats are very misunderstood and sometimes overlooked. Some of the most affectionate cats I have known have been from the black fur variety.” 

Anne has black cat Dennis, who enjoys sitting in interesting places. “We got Dennis from the Adoption Centre. At first, he looked quite sad and lonely, but with a bit of gentle encouragement has become very affectionate with close family at home. He has the loudest purr and is the gentlest cat I've known. He wasn't a lap cat until very recently and has now taken to jumping on my lap some evenings, which was surprising after four years! I have always loved black cats and found them to be very loving. Dennis has a beautiful shiny coat which he takes very good care of, and is always pleased to see us when we return home.”

Jeanette has two black cats, Eddie and Alfie. “When I was cleaning out at the Centre and I met Eddie, it was love at first sight and with Alfie it was love at first cuddle. Eddie is so clever and loves to earn his treats in puzzle toys, whereas Alfie is always ready for a cuddle. Black cats are amazingly fun and affectionate and it’s hard to stop at just one!”



Emma loves black cats so much that she has three, Bishop, Ripley and Duff. “I adopted Bishop and Ripley from Cats Protection when they were kittens. Bishop is considerably bigger than his litter sister and is bigger than my other adult cats - I think they made a mistake and gave me a panther! He is a complete cuddle monster and I love his tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Ripley is brave and gives as good as she gets from the bigger cats and is the baby of the house as she is quite small. I love her cute little meow when she wants fuss at 2am. And Duff, he is my heartthrob, he is around 18 years old. He was rescued from the street when he staggered into my garden and stole my heart. Skin & bones, completely matted and scabby with a bashed up face and eye, which he is now blind in. He makes me smile everyday. I would tell anyone that black cats are lucky, loving and beautiful.”

Receptionist & Volunteer Kerry has black cat Franky, a Halloween champion! “I have always absolutely loved blacks cats and I was dying to have one - especially as they are like little black panthers, so I came down to Centre to have a look. Franky was only 5 months old, very very shy and he had a little scar under his front leg from a collar injury. He was hiding but when I saw him for the first time I fell in love. I have a black mini with a 13 reg and when I saw he was in pen 13, I knew it was meant to be. When I had a closer look, he managed to escape and did the cutest little meow when the Cat Care Assistant went to put him back in and I thought “oh yes, you are so my cat” and reserved him then and there. The only day I could pick him up was Friday 13th - another sign that he was perfect for me. I love his purrs and chirps and the look of excitement when I have treats for him. I also love how he loves been tickled under the chin and watch him close with eyes with enjoyment. People say black cats are bad luck, which is utter rubbish!! The best thing I ever did was adopt my little black panther and watch him grow into the cat he is today because I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world!”

Volunteer Karen L has black cat Inca. “A colleague at work had a pregnant cat and, as we had lost our previous two cats (tabbies) a little while earlier, I said we would have one of the kittens. We gave Inca his name because he is as pure black as ink and my daughter was off to travel around South America the day after we brought him home. One of his idiosyncrasies is that he prefers to drink water from a pint glass! Although I love all cats, black cats have a very special place in my heart. Once you have been owned by a miniature panther it is almost impossible to take on any other cat! I would encourage anyone to choose a black cat, they do not deserve their reputation of bringers of bad luck, it was the luckiest day ever when Inca stepped into our lives.”

Volunteer Jodie has black cat Nebi, which translates to Precious or Prophet, it’s also ancient Egyptian for panther - fitting! “My ex housemate worked in a hairdressers and it was the middle of winter, he was a little kitten and was constantly hanging around looking for food and warmth as the owner from the flat above already had a dog and didn't really want a kitten. So, we gave him a real home, a furever home, which was the best decision ever. Turned out he wasn't a kitten he was just over a year old but was malnourished, however he soon grew! My favourite thing about him is that he always chooses mummy, he loves to snuggle and is a monster purr. His best feature is his eyes - he always looks surprised. My love of black cats probably started with my love of all things witchy but seriously, what's not to love about black cats? They get such bad press but they are just as beautiful and loving as any other cat. I love my black cat.”

So, have we convinced you that black cats are purrrfect? If you’re still not convinced, then come and find out for yourself by visiting our Adoption Centre and meet some of the beautiful black cats that we have available for adoption. In fact, this Sunday, we are celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day with some Halloween fun and games. Find out more here: 

We hope to see you soon!