Dear Aunties and Uncles

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I'm happy and well.

My new Mum and Dad say they love me very much and everyone in the family has visited to make a fuss of me.

I'm pleased to say mum and dad have been very well trained prior to my arrival, so that's saved me a job.  I'm able to sit back and enjoy the services provided.

You will never guess who I bumped into on the landing last week... Domino !

I've bumped into her many times since.  She's a bit grumpy at times, but I just take no notice.

There's a little dog here called Penny.  She's a bit strange, as she walks around in circles.  For the first week I growled at her every 180 degrees, but I'm over that now.  Every 360 is sufficient.

Mum and dad have got the hang of giving me my medication now, and I'm eating a lot better now they're adding a drop of warm water to my food like you did.

Thank you for looking after me and all the love you gave... thank you for not giving up on me.  I'll never forget your kindness.

Lots of love

Zoe xxxxxx