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Birmingham Volunteers take a trip to Head Office

06 May 2019
Birmingham Volunteers take a trip to Head Office

A group of volunteers from our Birmingham Adoption Centre recently embarked on a trip to the Cats Protection’s Head Office at Chelwood Gate, which is in the Ashdown Forest. The group included a whole host of people who volunteer for the centre in different roles, from Cat Care Assistants to Events, Fundraising and Website volunteers.

The group had the opportunity to meet some of the teams based at Head Office and learn more about what the organisation is working on nationally.

Here’s what the group learnt about the teams they met;

Neutering team - This team undertakes key research and develops campaigns to enable as many cats as possible to get neutered. They work with local vets and communities to promote neutering and explore ways of making it more affordable.

Media team - Dealing with the national and regional press, this team promotes good news stories, campaigns and features for the Cats Protection, as well as handling media enquiries and publishing statements and press releases.

Behaviour team - A small team which is dedicated to educating people on why cats behave in different ways and the factors which can cause changes in behaviour.

Publications & Digital team - This team works hard to maintain the Cats Protection website and produces all of the organisation’s promotional content, including brochures, guides, reports and social media updates. They work closely with the Neutering, Advocacy, Behaviour and Veterinary teams, to ensure the correct information and guidance is publically available. You can view the essential guides here.

Advocacy team - This team works with key decision makers and politicians to implement changes in legislation to make the world a better and safer place for cats.  

Veterinary team - An expert team of vets whose primary objective is to look after the health and welfare of cats in the Cats Protection’s care. They also develop and manage the organisation’s veterinary policies, support the public, staff and volunteers on veterinary and welfare issues, work closely with the other teams to develop veterinary guides and content, and act as media spokespeople when necessary.

Contact Centre - Quite simply, this team deals with enquiries from the public, staff and volunteers. This can often be anything from questions about adoption to what to do with a stray cat and even questions around welfare.

Customer Complaints - This team deals with complaints from the public, ensuring they are dealt with in a fair and professional manner and investigated thoroughly.

After meeting the teams, the group had a tour of the National Cat Centre (NCC) and met many of the feline residents. The NCC has state of the art facilities to enable the best care and comfort for the cats. A handful of cats were part of the Paws Protect campaign, which is a pet fostering service for families fleeing domestic abuse. You can find out more about the campaign here.

The trip concluded with a tour of the onsite Branch Support Unit, which deals with enquiries and leads in the local area, followed by a quick visit to the donkeys who reside in the surrounding fields who are cared for by The Donkey Sanctuary. Overall it was a paw-some day!

The National Cat Centre is open to the public and if you’re local to the area, we recommend that you pop in and take a look around. You never know, you could find a new feline family member when you are there!