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Jordan Mooney - Memorial Concert

03 June 2022

Jordan Mooney Memorial Concert

Deputy Manager Paula and husband Bez (Birmingham Adoption Centre) 

It was an early morning drive down to Brighton from Birmingham, with the sun shining and after a stop for breakfast, we finally arrived.

After a short wait for our room at the hotel to be ready, we started the mile long walk along the sea front to the venue, Concorde 2.

Families were strewn along the front, having great fun on the pebbly beach.  Classic car owners were showing off their pride and joys.

As we approached the venue, wonderful, colourful people began to emerge, all heading to the same location.  The music was already pumping out of the sound system as we headed towards the main entrance.  Already heaving with punk music and fashion fans, we made our way into the bar area and concert room where there were a couple of tables displaying artwork from the era.

The bands were amazing playing all of Jordan's favourites and what really stood out was how much she was loved and admired.  Many people that we spoke to said that Jordan was an avid cat lover, which is why some of the proceeds are being donated to Cats Protection.

We both spoke to many of the amazing people, all of which had individual styles and I actually felt very plain and under dressed.  We had an amazing time and was very honoured to be part of the celebrations of Jordans life.

I have made a short slideshow with the permission of all involved and would like to say a big thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome and we were very proud to represent Cats Protection, Birmingham Adoption Centre.

We would also like to say a massive thank you to the security team and all the staff  at the venue, all were very friendly and again made us feel very welcome.  (The sniffer dog was cute aswell).