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Let's stop air gun attacks on cats

20 July 2021

Cats Protection has been campaigning for action to stop air gun attacks on cats for many years and has been monitoring local news reports to find out how widespread the issue is. The team have uncovered over 100 cases each year in the UK, although many more may have gone unreported.

In order to protect cats, the team’s focus has been on having air gun licensing introduced, which is already the case in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Currently in England and Wales anyone over the age of 18 can buy and use an air gun, completely unchecked.

The government consulted on this issue back in 2017, to which over 50,000 Cats Protection supporters responded. The government took the decision in 2020 that they would not introduce air gun licensing despite the overwhelming support for the measure.

As a result of the government’s decision, we are now stepping up our campaign by seeking recognition for the horrific injuries being suffered by cats. We will be ensuring local MPs are aware when an air gun attack on a cat has taken place within their area and asking them to consider joining a taskforce that will be working to end cruelty to cats.

The only source of data we currently have for air gun attacks on cats are from media reports but Cats Protection has now created a page where cat owners can report details of a shooting that has happened to their cat. By doing this we can a) build a picture of the scale of the issue and b) obtain our own case studies to highlight why we are campaigning on this topic.

You can report an air gun attack here: https://email.cats.org.uk/p/37QE-8VB/airguns-

 Please only file a report if it is your cat that has been attacked.

 Some cases local to Birmingham Adoption Centre

 We’ve had a few cats in our care that were sadly victim to air gun attacks:

 Missy was a stunning who had soft tissue surgery to remove a pellet from her chest. Thankfully she recovered well and is now fit and well and in her new home.


 Beautiful boy Puss also had to have soft tissue surgery to remove a pellet from his shoulder and we’re happy to report that he too recovered well and is now settled and living in a new home.


 There have recently been some air gun attacks on cats in the Wordsley and Chelmsley Wood areas and the Advocacy team has been in touch with local supporters to ask them to email their MP to ensure they are informed about the attacks and asking them to consider joining the taskforce to work towards ending cruelty to cats.

 How can you help?

 Anyone can help by visiting http://www.cats.org.uk/airguns  where you will be able to enter your postcode. If you live in an area where there’s been a recent air gun attack, you will be able to send an e-letter to your MP urging them to join the taskforce. If not, regardless of where they live, you can also sign our petition calling for licensing of air guns. Joining the campaign won’t cost a penny and takes just two minutes of your time.


Thank you for your continued support.