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Meet our Adoption Centre Cat Dads!

30 May 2019
Meet our Adoption Centre Cat Dads!

We are championing cat dads everywhere in our national Cat-Man Do campaign. Through this campaign we are on a mission to show that you don’t have to be a cat lady to be crazy in love with your cat.

We caught up with moggy-loving men Bryan and Chris, from our Adoption Centre here in Birmingham, to find out more about the felines in their lives.

Hi guys! So, what role do you have at the Centre?

Bryan: I’m a Cat Care Assistant.

Chris: I have been a Cat Care Assistant for four years. Before that I was a volunteer Cat Care Assistant for six months.

How long have you had a cat for?

Bryan: 6 years

Chris: I have had Joey 3 years, but have had cats my whole life.

What is your cat's name?

Bryan: Seth

Chris: We named him Joey after a character in Yu-Gi-Oh. He was called Daddy Cat when at the centre.

How old are they?

Bryan: He is 8 years old

Chris: He will be ten years old in June.

Tell us a bit about your cat? What are they like?

Bryan: He’s a black male with one eye. He’s very intelligent and active and loves fuss and play, but is not a fan of being picked up!

Chris: He is a male domestic medium hair. He is friendly and affectionate. He can get playful at times and his fur colour is black.

What do you love most about having a cat?

Bryan: The companionship and unconditional love.

Chris: It's like having another member of the family.

Did you have any reservations before getting a cat?

Bryan: None.

Chris: No reservations, I chose my cat carefully so that it was the right home for him and the right cat for me.

What would you say to any men out there thinking about getting a cat?

Bryan: They're so much fun and you don't know what you're going to get personality wise until you start interacting with them. Finally, black cats are the best!

Chris: Do your research, take advice from professionals. Choose a cat based on personality. Give the right cat the right home.

Thanks guys, you are both pawesome cat dads!

Bryan & Seth

Chris & Joey

Are you a proud cat dad or do you know one? Then get involved in our Cat Man Do campaign here.