Rural Homes Needed

Two of our beautiful cats are in need of rural homes, with lots of space to roam and play.

Our wonderful girls are looking for a home which allows them to go on adventures, play cat games and make the most of the great outdoors.  They are not looking for a home together but would like the same sort of abode to compliment their personalities. 

Mittens loves to have a cuddle and a lap to sit on, she will purr and purr but will need space to do her own thing on her own terms.  Her new owner will need to be able read her body language, and when she is telling you she wants time out.  Mittens can be a little diva at times so the more space she has the happier she will be.

Bonne, a quiet girl who hasn't yet learnt how to accept fuss from humans, she will take chicken from your hand without any fuss, no hissing or spi

tting but is a little bewildered when it comes to affection.  With time and space, like Mittens, Bonnie will thrieve as long as her new owners see her as a work in progress.  She may never be your typical lap cat but isnt she worth taking a bet on.