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Tigerino's new start

15 May 2019
Tigerino This is a letter we received about Tigerino (now Stan) who was taken home by his new owners on 18th March 2018, so this is how things are one year after being adopted. We hope you enjoy his journey and if you are thinking of adding to your family it will encourage you to give the less confident cats a chance.

Don't forget that the centre is open from 11am - 3pm daily with no appointment necessary for meeting our cats.


I adopted Stan from you 12 months ago and wanted to give you an update on how he's doing.

When I first came to see him he was not at all happy and there was only one member of staff  working who he's let handle him.  He his away and hissed at me every time I put my hand by him and, although I hoped that he would trust me enough to fuss him, I was more interested in giving a cat a secure, loving home than anything else, so thankfully, saw past the "Aggression".

When I brought him home, he immediately ran under the bed, so I set up his food, litter tray etc in areas where he felt secure and he didn't come out for almost two weeks!  (I still remember when he swiped me when filling his food and water bowls).

Then, pretty much overnight, he decided that he did quite like it here, so he climbed on my lap and hasn't really gotten off it since then!  He is the most affectionate cat I have ever known, with the loudest purr.  He isn't happy with just sitting on my lap, and likes full-on two armed cuddles.  On the odd occasion that he isn't cuddles up to me, he's either chasing his toys around, terrorising my German Shepherd or is in the garden, chattering to the birds.  Fortunately, he's a real homebody so, unless I'm in the garden, he only goes out for a couple of hours maximum and never strays further that the alleyway at the back of the house.

I honestly can't imagine my life without him and can't believe the difference in him since I brought him home. 

Thank you for letting me bring him home and for the amazing work that you do.

Kind Regards

Stan's mom.