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Will you help support local cats this summer?

24 August 2021
Will you help support local cats this summer?


Can you help support the cats at the Birmingham Adoption Centre?


It’s been a tough 18 months here at the Birmingham Adoption Centre, supporting cats in need of care in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands. Staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly during the pandemic to support people who have come across cats that need care, be it strays or unwanted cats, but we now have a tougher challenge ahead and we need your support.


Many routine veterinary treatments had to be put on hold during lockdown and we are now exceptionally busy playing catch up and ensuring that all the cats in the centre get the care they need before they are rehomed. As well as this, many people are struggling in a number ways because of the pandemic, be it financially, physically or mentally and as a result we have had many cats whose owners have come to us heartbroken, because they can no longer care for their beloved cat.


As well as this, summers are typically a very busy time for us. Birmingham has many unwanted and stray cats that give birth in gardens and sheds. And with female cats being able to get pregnant from as young as 4 months old, we see cats having litter after litter every summer and our waiting list over this period soars. Sadly, this is quite normal and although we can provide financial assistance with our neutering campaign and we work hard to educate and advise people of the importance of good cat welfare, this issue continues to rear its ugly head every year.

So, how can you help?


Right now we’re raising funds for the veterinary treatment of kittens and cats in our care. These include, vaccinations, blood tests, antibiotics and painkillers and most importantly, neutering.


To make a donation, please visit our Just Giving page by click below - 
Just Giving Page

Thank you for your support!