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Yoko's - Diary

04 January 2018

Yoko's story started when she arrived in the centre with her litter mates and her mom.  She was always a kitten with sneezing problems.  She thrived when with us but suddenly started to have seisures but of an unknown cause.

Her fitting became quite severe so was put onto medication to control them.  She was kindly offered a home by a lovely family who didnt have any concerns over her fitting or giving her her medication twice a day. 

Please take a look at her diary below, this certainly shows that a cat that has seisures isn't a cat that lives a dull life, they still enjoy and deserve a fun, loving home.

Yoko has now been named Wren and is living an amazing life in an amazing home with new brothers and sisters.

Day 1:

I have been brought to a strange new place.  They put me in a vibrating metal transportation device and suddenly I was here.  My bed is here, and the toilet, and my fuzzy balls. It is big, really big.  There seems to be three tall ones.  They keep calling on of them "man".  His hands are tasty.  They don't seem to respond to my attempts to be big by running away and keep following me.  I can smell other cats but can't see them.  The floor seems to be made of blanket, which is just weird!
Not sure about this, I will report in tomorrow.

Wren. (they keep calling me that too!) x

Day 2:

The tall things get up early, really early, before the sun! I was still sneezing when they got up.  They don't seem to understand the importance of a good morning sneeze, it seem to upset them. 
Then they give me my blue sweetie, I have to have two of those a day otherwise I feel bad.  It's good that they seemed to be trained quickly about this.  Then they brought breakfast.  Whoa now breakfast was good, I ate it all, I was hungry after a night of chasing things around my room.  They also brought me some giant biscuits.  They don't half take some chewing, but i have never met a biscuit that i didn't get on with, so I gave them a go too.
I hope I get to play with the others today...

Wren x

Day 3:

This morning I asserted my dominance over the female tall ones, I decided it was playtime, not pill time and had a good game of climb the arm.  Then I was so hungry though and the tall one wasn't giving up the good stuff until I swallowed the pill, so "eventually" I let her win.  It's important to keep them under control when they are new.

I then went for a run upstairs, the others weren't up yet, "Don't they know it's playtime?"  They do now!!  Stairs are fun! There's so much house to explore, but they keep containing me.

Once the tall female had gone, I gave the other female the big eyes and she let me run up and down the stairs some more.  When she tried to put me back in my room I was sneakier than she was and got into the room at the bottom of the stairs that they don't let me in.  There are lots of things to run behind and play with in there!  Eventually I allowed the human to take me back upstairs for a snooze, while she went to something called "work".

Later the shore female came back and let me run up and down the stairs some more, before putting me in a box and taking me to meet the other cats.  Only Hobbes said hello properly, Cooper (the one that looks like me but bigger) came and looked at my biscuits before going away again.  I was then let out upstairs again with water and more biscuits as I had already eaten all the food left for me earier.  Hobbes came upstairs and let me play with him for a bit, before he got tired. He must be "really" old if he can't keep running around with me!.

Wren x

Day 4. 

I was still dozing when the human brought my breakfast this morning.  I had a big exciting day yesterday and was all tired out.  I was allowed into the room at the bottom of the stairs!  There are three other cats down there, Old Man Hobbes, Bigger Mr and the Great Grey Shark (she is HUGE! maybe if I eat all my breakfast I'll get to be as big as her one day).  The tall ones say she is queen, and I can see why!  The downstairs has so much stuff to play with, I hope I get to see more today. 
As I was still sleepy this morning I took my sweetie easily and then there was chicken.
Chicken is good.
The human had to go to work again.  What is this "Work" anyway??

When the other tall one got up much later, she brought Old Man Hoobes with her.  He was much more fun today.  I also got up to downstairs again.  The Great Grey One paid more attention to me today, but said a few things that I wasn't happy with, so I smacked her on the head.  She looked very suprised and not very happy so I ignored her while she followed me around even though she was very scary (shh don't tell her I said that!).

Wren x

Day 5.

There's such a lot of world out there, I don't like being contained anymore.  The man one let me out this morning, but then wouldn't play with me.  This made me confused, they keep talking about this work thing.  What is work? I run away because I want to play, doesn't he understand it is play time?? .. Maybe we can play more later?

The Great Grey Shark still growls at me, but she let me sleep two shelves down from her today.  I had a fun morning down in the big room and got to have my morning nap with all the other cats.  The one like me is coming around and is now talking to me a little.  I also found a warm windowsill upstairs that I was snoozing on.  Now it is time to wake everyone else again for playtime.!!

Cooper moans a lot about all sorts of things.  He seems to have a comfy bed on something the smaller humans calls her "skate bag".  Hobbes is still playing with me and washed behind my ears today.  I now have him under my paw.

Wren x

Day 6.

The human tried to give me my pill this morning but I needed to do some sneezing first.  They need to learn the importance of a good sneeze.  Once I got it all out I took my pill.  Then it was breakfast and time for a morning run around the world and the second breakfast.  Did I mention the room beyond the stairs has a second breakfast in it?  I think i'm going to like here.  The tall one said she has to go away for a few days this morning though.  she is leaving me with Auntie Dena and The Man.  She says I have to play nicely with the other cats and take my pills like a good gril and she will bring me a present.  I don't know what a present is, maybe I can eat it?   OOOH  I smell food!

I played nicely with Auntie Dena and sat on her lap and got strokes.  Her training is coming along well, but I need to make sure she doesn't scrimp on the biscuits after her comment about me eating more than a large Maine Coon.  I'm not sure what one of those is but I need to eat all my biscuits if i'm going to grow big like the Great Grey Shark.  She is now letting me sit on the perch below her without swearing.  I think we might be friends.  I also started the Man training today, I jumped on his lap and let him stroke me.

Wren x

Day 7.

Small human allowed me to sleep on the sofa in the large downstairs room.  Hobbes and Cooper disappeared with the humans leaving me sleeping with Ari. Got woken up when it was dark for my sweetie so I grumbled.  After breakfast I went to wake the man up.  Time for further training.  Ari came upstairs to play today then spent all of her time watching and complaining rather than actually playing.  Need to sneeze to clear my nose.  Still looking for the best place to do it.  The window sill looks good and is nice and warm.

Wren x

Please catch up with me next week and I can let you know how I am doing.