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Brilliant news for Beano

30 September 2017
Brilliant news for Beano By Kate Bevan, Branch Co-ordinator

Black and white Beano was proving a challenge to rehome.  He did not take happily to life inside a pen and, with his behaviour deteriorating because he was so frustrated, we needed to think outside the box a bit, for his sake as well as his fosterer Simone’s sake. He needed to be moved out of a pen and soon. 

Having called a number of adoption centres one stood out - the North London CP Adoption centre and, best of all, they were prepared to let Beano out to roam around their offices if necessary so that he had space to move around and people to interact with.  This adoption centre has a track record of homing most cats within two weeks but in my heart I was worried that Beano might prove to be the exception. When the centre called to say they had a space I felt I had little option - Beano needed a home and Simone needed a break.

It was a 240 mile return trip, a long trek, but I am delighted to say that it paid off, Beano found a new home within four days of arriving! I could hardly believe the email when it arrived informing me that he had been homed, he had behaved perfectly with them with lots of new things to see and people to meet.

Our fingers and toes are crossed that he behaves himself in his new home and, as we always suspected, he is and remains a loving cat.

Our thanks of course go to everyone at the North London CP Adoption centre for giving Beano the opportunity to find a new home.