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Garfield joins T-Shirt Booth to help raise money for Cats Protection

09 December 2013
Garfield joins T-Shirt Booth to help raise money for Cats Protection We are delighted to announce that a fun, innovative and FREE phone and web app has just been launched for the Christmas market which enables shoppers to buy uniquely personalised T-Shirts featuring their favourite children’s characters while raising money for good causes.

As a part of this initiative Garfield has kindly signed up to play a part in the T-Shirt Booth app, which lets young fans choose which screen star they want to wear on their shirts, along with a message and a personalised photo. It takes just a few taps on the app - and the T-Shirt is delivered.

Each T-Shirt is competitively priced at £9.99, with £2.00 from each sale going to the charity associated with the character purchased. Therefore, T-shirts purchased bearing the design of Garfield will trigger a £2 donation to Cats Protection!

You simply download the free T-Shirt Booth App; choose the character, colour and size of garment. You then need to take a photo of the person whose picture you want to appear on the T-Shirt, and type in their name. The T-Shirts include the character, the photo and message. They are available in a wide range of colours and children’s sizes (from babies to teenagers).

The T-Shirt Booth App is available via the Apple Store, via Google Play for Android - and can be downloaded directly from the T-Shirt Booth website - www.t-booth.net

Our thanks go to all parties involved for supporting Cats Protection through this exciting initiative! Other designs supporting Cats Protection will be added in the coming months.