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Hair Raising Fund Raising!

17 August 2015
Hair Raising Fund Raising! Read all about fosterer Calie's hair raising adventure to raise funds for a very special cause.   

When I heard from my sister how much we were going to have to raise for Saffron's operation I wanted to do all that I could to help. I was already planning to go to the Melbury Abbas Vintage Rally with the usual Lucky Dip and my new idea of "Toss the Kitten" where you get 3 (bean bag!) kittens for a pound and try to get one in the basket for a prize (I did eventually raise £75 on that weekend) But what else could I do? A month or so before a friend had approached me and asked if she could colour my hair for her hairdressing diploma at Shaftesbury Hair & Beauty College. While I was there, we were looking through the colours and I remarked on some of the "Crazy Colours" saying what fun it would be to have one of those, although, as a 50 year old responsible adult and kitten fosterer, not very suitable! Suddenly the idea hit me - people have their heads shaved for charity, or jump out of aeroplanes, well I wasn't going to do either of those but I COULD have my hair dyed pink! Especially if I had it done for the Rally to attract even more people to my Cats Protection stall so I could tell them Saffron's story. I contacted the teacher at the college and she thought it was a fabulous idea, even offering to do it for free as it was for charity and would be a good experience for the trainees. The day came and I had my "before" picture taken. The first thing to do was to bleach the colour out of my hair, after applying lashings of peroxide my hair turned an interesting shade of yellow. Now to apply the pink, this went on as a very bright cerise colour and I was starting to worry a bit about what it was going to look like! However, once it had been rinsed and dried the outcome was quite nice really and I didn't mind keeping it that way for a month to honour my sponsors - who had pledged £105. My neighbour's children also raised £24 from people in our street by telling them about what I had done. All in all then, a total of £204 raised towards the £3,500 vet bill. I have to say, much as the pink was pretty and fun, I was relieved to go back to my more subtle dark blonde after the Rally weekend!

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