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Jimmy's Story

15 January 2014
We recently had an adorable youngster looking for a loving home who owes more than one of his nine lives to the person who found him lying in the road after he had been hit by a car, and to the amazing subsequent efforts of Matthew, the vet who treated him in the following days. 
Matthew takes up the story below:
On the 13th October 2013 Jim was found lying in the road unable to move and in severe respiratory distress having been hit by a car. He was rushed up to the practice by a kind stranger but things didn't look good. He had severe lung damage with air escaping into the space between the chest wall and the lung on both sides of his chest, a condition called pneumothorax. He had to have several chest drains placed throughout the night but gradually responded and his breathing steadily improved over the following few days.
Unfortunately the accident had caused severe damage to the nerves to his front left leg, leaving him totally unable to use it. To enable him to lead a more active life the useless left forelimb was amputated and he hasn't looked back since.
Jimmy has made a fantastic recovery and is a very affectionate and active young cat, he is still adjusting to life with three legs rather than four and needs time in a safe environment to learn how to jump and leap about without crash landing.  

LATEST NEWS: We are absolutely delighted to report that Jimmy has found a lovely new home and we wish him all the very best for the future.