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Dougie has a lovely new home

05 June 2020
Dougie has a lovely new home

STOP PRESS  We are delighted to say that Dougie has now found his very own special home which is wonderful news!  

We are looking for a special person either to home or long-term foster Dougie. He is approximately 13 years old ginger and white boy, a BIG boy at that, but a gentle giant who wants nothing more than to be with you. He has been in our care for 11 months and desperately needs to be in a home environment as one of the family. He is a bit complicated though.
First, he is deaf so his meows are particularly loud, and he meows a lot if he misses you! Most importantly he is diabetic and requires insulin injections twice a day that must be regular. This is a tie that requires commitment as failure to give his insulin or irregular injections will cause issues. He is fine with the injections; so busy with his face in the dish he barely notices! He is constantly hungry and is on a diet we order in (not diabetic food!). 
He does occasionally have toilet mishaps which we think is down to stress due to being on his own but this would need considering. He does not like other cats or dogs and would eat your budgie if you have one!
This all sounds a bit daunting, but he REALLY IS WORTH IT. He is the most gorgeous loving cat, he likes going outside but has to be supervised; he can’t be free range as he will eat anything he can find and he can’t hear dangers like cars and dogs. He will happily walk on his harness! If you think you might be able to offer him a permanent home or even a long term foster then please do get in touch for a chat 01258 858644. He deserves to be loved.